Void Engineers

The Void EngineersEdit

This convention is driven to protect humanity not just from the Reality Deviants found on earth, but the cthulian horrors of the Void.  No other Convention has as much hands-on experience with the counter-rational Otherworlds and the beings that inhabit them.  They supply the rest of the Union with essential supplies of Quintessence.  Most importantly, they defend humanity against everything beyond the Gauntlet, be it alien incursions, mystical spirits, astral entities, demonic hordes, and ghostly apparations.  Rather than being driven to control humanity, they simply seek to keep the Masses safe from terrifying Beyond.  They are both scientists and space marines, often too radical for the likes of the other conventions, but it is the mavericks among the Engineers are often most effective at hunting down mystickal or extra-dimensional prey.

Void Engineers in ECCEdit

The space-aeronautics industry in Nonestica is exceptional.  The country boasts of telecommunication sattlelights and even the development of its first permanent space station in the works.  It seems a most promising atmosphere for the Void Engineers.

Creating A Void Engineer CharacterEdit

Affiinity Sphere: Dimensional Science (Spirit), Correspondence, or Forces.

Suggested Focus:

Suggested Paradigms: Tech Holds All Answers, A World of Gods and Monsters, and possibly Everything is Chaos.