Virtual Adept

The Virtual AdeptsEdit

The Difference Engineers were a Convention in the Technocratic Union, but they were too radical, too questioning, perhaps aspired too high.  Their leader, Alan Turing, was disgraced and killed by the Inner Circle- and became a martyr who's loss led to his followers defection.  They reformed under the Traditions as the Virtual Adepts. 

Computers are only one of the many tools the Virtual Aepts use as they strive towards a post-human future in which people remake themselves into gods, free of limitations. They are the scions of the Information Age, competitive anarachists and audicious hackers who are bent on sociological reform.

Virtual Adepts in ECCEdit

Computers, smart phones, tablets, wi-fi:Nonestica has all the technology and toys of back home; if anything, it seems a little bit more advanced.  Its files and databases reflect back the bizarre history everyone else outside of the Virtual Web seems to believe, though.  There is every sign of Virtual Adept activity within the Web, and in Nonestican popular culture.

Making A Virtual AdeptEdit

Affinity Sphere: Correspondence/Data or Forces

Suggested Focus: Every tool or practice a Virtual Adept employs focuses on creating, shaping, or destroying information.  Adepts keep the implements of their technomagick close at hand, using devices that are heavily customized and stylized to their own tastes.  

Suggested Paradigms: Everything is Data, Mechanistic Cosmos

Suggested Tools/Instruments: brain/computer interfaces, computer gear, devices and machines, drugs and poisons, fashion, formulae and math, gadgets and invetions, labs and gear, mass media, music,social domination, toys, vehicles, weapons.