The Five Mage FactionsEdit

Most mages have an affiliation with one of the Ascension War factions and belong to one of their associated sects.  ECC is designed in such a way that virtually all of the sects are valid as player characters, should the individual Storyteller approve them.  Not much information is provided about the mages already established in Nonesica, except as part of the Storyteller's Handbook.  Even then, it is more suggestions than absolutes. 

The names used are those used within ECC, which are not precisely from the M20 core book in a few occasions.

The Council of Nine Mystick TraditionsEdit

(see Roleplaying a Traditionalist)

The Technocratic UnionEdit

(see roleplaying a Technocrat)

The Orphans and Disparate AllianceEdit

(see roleplaying a Disparate)


The Marauders

(see roleplaying a Maurader.)

The Nephandi   (see playing a Nephandi)