The ProgenitorsEdit

This convention is dedicated to scientific laws and medical discoveries that can create, re-engineer, and destroy life.  They reshape organic life to their own designs.  Experiments done during the first and second world war dramatically advanced their progress.  Now in the 21st century,  their list accomplishments includes cloning, viral evolution, biological mutation and crossbreeding, compound synthesis, and chemical consciousness.  Advancement through the ranks demands constant research and innovation.

The Progenitors prefer to recuit candidates before they Awaken.  Promising recruits are tagged before medical school, sponsored with scholarships at the best schools and eventually tempted with resources above and beyond the Masses.

Progenitors in ECCEdit

One of the leading industries in Nonestica is biotechnology.  It has excellent medical schools and a thriving health care industry that is provided at suspicously low cost to the general populace.  Signs of the Progenitors abound.

Creating A Progenitor CharacterEdit

Affinity Spheres:  Life, Entropy, or Mind

Suggested Focus: The Progenitos emply a dizzying amount of strange, "fringe" theories and Procedures supported by state-of-the-art laborities and well trainted, often enhanced or engineered staff.  Their work takes more time and space than that of most sects; they prefer to use their creations or unAwakened minions as field and street agents. 

Suggested Paradigms: an agnostic Gaia-hypothesis approach to Creation's Divine and Alive, also Might is Right

Suggested Tools/Instruments: Blood and fluids, books and periodicals, brain/computer interface, devices and machines, drugs and poisons, food and drink, formulae and math, gadgets and inventions, labs and gear, nanotech, thought-forms.