Order of Hermes

The Order of HermesEdit

The most organized and heirarchal of the Traditions, the Hermetic system of high ritual and exhaustive occult knowlege practically defines the Western magickal paradigm.  For most of the Mystick Council's history, the pendantic and haughy Order boasted the greatest number of Chantries, Masters, and Horizon Realms. Its achievements include the formulation of the Spheres and the codification of the Tradions themselves. 

Through rigid discipline and study, the Hermetic mages demand nothing less than perfection in themselves and their students.  They deny themselves emotional ties to friends or family, dedicating themselves exclusive to the Arts and the Ascension War.  It should be no surprise that relations between the Order and the other Traditions are often contencious, yet they are neverthessless generally respected if not liked very much.

The Hermetics in ECCEdit

Nonestica has an exemplary K-12 education system and invests a great deal of money into academia.  It has a number of universities, colleges, museums, public and private libraries and of course, the Metaphysical Library itself.  It seems likely that the Order of Hermes is deeply entrenched in those institutions.

Playing A Hermetic MageEdit

Affinity Spheres: Forces or Prime (house rule)

Suggested Focus: The Hermetics are schollars that master ancient arcane rituals through constant study and intense practice.  They use incantations, signs, seals, secret languages and copious amounts of paraphernalia to tap into elemental forces.

Suggested Paradigms: A Mechanistic Cosmos, Divine Order and Earthly Chaos, Might is Right, Tech Holds All Answers, Bring Back the Golden Age.

Suggested Tools/Instruments: Books and periodicals, Celestial alignments, Elements, Energy, Eye Contact, Formulae and Math, Gems and stones, Group rites, Invocation and evocation, Languages, Numbers and numerology, Offerings and sacrifices, Ordeals and exertions, Symbols, Thought-forms, True Names, Voice and vocalizations, Wands and staves, Writings, inscriptions and runes.