The New World OrderEdit

Masters of information and indoctrination, N.W.O agents create or influence the "truths" found in books, media, and even memories. They fight for a global state in which magic, religion, and all Reality Deviants no longer exist, and might as well have never existed for all that the new, stable, controllable society is concerned. The Order prefers covert actions, the consumate secret puppet-masters who pull society's strings. They use advanced surveillance and data-tracking processes to collect, alter, and assimilate information throughout the world. Captured RDs get subjected to intense Social Conditioning, ending up either productive citizens, or completely broken- no longer threats to Consensus.

To help with its agenda, the NWO employs clones: unEnlightened constructs devoid of free will, chemically altered to disintregrate upon death.

The NWO in ECCEdit

If the NWO is active in Nonesica, there are no obvious signs. In fact, given how dramatically altered this country is, it doesn't seem possible they are there. And yet.... what if Nonesica is't real, that it is some kind of trick- or trap.  It could even be some kind of bizarre indoctrination program used by the Order... 

They are certainly capable of it.  And if that is true?  Then the NWO are everywhere.

Making an NWO characterEdit

Affinity Spheres: Mind or Correspondence/Data

Suggested Focus: Knowledge is power- and controlling knowledge is the key to power over others. Psychic training, information manipulation, perceptual conditions and using the symbolic power of the Men In Black in human consciousness make NWO agents formidable.  They back this up with the best guns, armor, gadgets, martial arts training, and hypertech the Union can provide.  Their most powerful and insidious weapon is paranoia: if people believe you can hurt them, their belief tilts reality in your favor when you try.

Suggested Paradigms:  A World of Gods and Monsters, Might is Right, Tech Holds All Answers.

Suggested Tools/Instruments: Armor, Brain/computer interface, computer gear, devices and machines, drugs and poisons, eye contact, gadgets and inventions, labs and gear, management and HR, mass media, money and wealth, social domination, symbols, thought-forms, vehicles, voice and vocalizations.