Iteration XEdit

The Clockwork Convention's source of power comes from the hypertech devices and enhancements they've created as they press themselves to perfect human-machine matrices to create cybernetic perfection.  They specialize in innovation, hyperefficiency, mass production, organic/mechanical integration and statistical prediction.  Both agents and researchers are expected to maximize their performance and sacrifice themselves when required for the good of the Convention.  The lower ranks are heavily Socially Conditioned and treated no better than tools, being offered greater free will, independence, upgrades, and enhancements as part of the promotions they might earn through completing assignments successfully. 

Iteration X recruiters seek out good candidates among UnAwakened soldiers, scientists, mathematicians, academics, and even people with disabilities who are good candidates for Enlightment- and Enhancement.  

Iteration X in ECCEdit

Nonesica's major cities have a number of high tech companies that specialize in robotics, medical prosthetics, military technology and other fields that fall into the Convention's domain.  University research in bionics and robotics is more advanced than back home, though not significantly.

Creating An Iteration X CharacterEdit

Affinity Sphere: Forces, Matter, or Time

Suggested Focus: The Enlightened Science of Iteration X is formed from synergy between organic, mechanical, social, mathematical, and psychological sciences.  Martial Arts, social domination, hypereconomics and reality hacking are tools used by its agents. 

Suggested Paradigms: A Mechanistic Cosmos, Everything is Data, Tech Holds All Answers.

Suggested Tools/Instruments: Armor, Bodywork, Books and periodicals, brain/computer interface, computer gear, devices and machines, drugs and poisons, formulae and math, gadgets and inventions, labs and gear, management and HR, nanotech, social domination, vehicles, weapons.