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The Emerald City Chronicles is a unique setting for the Mage 20th Anniversary game series published by Onyx Path Publishing as part of the next generation of classic World of Darkness.  It is intended for collaborative storytelling in either a tabletop, LARP, or online RP venue. 

Mages, Sorcerers, and Psychics Oh My!Edit

ECC is intended to be setting an online reference for a Mage 20 chronicle that also borrows from the hedge magic/numina of Sorcerer (Revised) and Ascension's Right Hand.  You will not find character creation information or other resources for playing characters such as vampires, werewolves, and changelings here.  While such monsters exist within the ECC universe, the population and powers of the Night-Folk are left up to the imagination of individual Storytellers.  ECC was designed for primarily Awakened/Enlightened characters and the humans they interact with.  Cross-over character types like kinfolk or kinain mages are not touched upon within the ECC Wiki. 

Table of ContentsEdit

Mage 101

Character Creation

Storyteller's Handbook

The Country of Nonestica

The Umbrood

The Otherworlds of ECC

Pre-Made Character Templates


M20 Enhanced Index

Personal Chronicles

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