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The Cult of EcstacyEdit

One of the oldest sects, the Cult of Ecstacy see themselves as living gateways between flesh, spirit, and imagination.  The passions they embrace are chaotic and intense.  They believe that by recognizing their own fears and doubts- and then overcoming them through acts of defiantly facing and conquering them.  Informal and often nomadic, they congregate at festivals, raves, concerts and other gatherings filled with sex, drugs, and mustic.  Ecstatics surround themselves with willing Sleepers who they hope will Awaken and join them in exploring and mastering the primal energies of the Tapestry.  The sect is guided by the principles laid out by one of their ancient mystics, the Code of Ananda.

Ecstatics in ECCEdit

The cities of Nonestica are filled with the kinds of raccous celebrations, clubs, parties and events that generally appeal to the Ecstatics.  Marriage equality, prostitution, and drug enforcement laws are equivalant to those in Amsterdam throughout most of the country.  The age of majority is shockingly low- 17.  Thereafter, young adults of both genders are able to work, buy cigarettes, alchohol, vote, work full-time, and have all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  With such a permissive atmosphere, it is very easy to imagine that the Cult is thriving.

Making An EcstaticEdit

  • Affinity Sphere: Time, Life, or Mind
  • Suggested Focus: The Ecstatics guide their life force (Ojas), aware of what they are doing but open-minded to do anything that allows them to embrace the Divine Pulse (Lakashim). They are eager to share their path with willing partners- forcing themselves on the unwilling is forbidden by the Code.
  • 'Suggested Paradigms:' Creation's Divine and Alive, Everything is Chaos, It's All Good, and quite often Everything's an Illusion.
  • Suggested Tools/Instruments:  Artwork, Blood and fluids, Bodywork, Brews and concoctions, Circles and designs, Cups and vessels, Dances and movement, Drugs and poisons, Eye contact, Fashion, Food and drink, Group rites, knots and ropes, Music, Ordeals and exertions, Sex and sensuality, Thought-forms,