Celestial chorus

The Celestial ChorusEdit

Heretics, saints, and idealists, the Celestial Chorus recruits from the faithful within all of the monotheistic religions.  They worship The One, joining its song which shapes Creation, and believe it is intention, not creed, which guides a Singer towards the Divine.  Sadly, the Chorus' history has been bloody and tempestuous. Factionalization among the sect, wars with other sects, the hubris and fanaticism of leadership, the causes for tragedy and heartbreak among Chorus were legion.  One of their own organizations,  the Knights of Gabriel, eventually became the Cabal of Pure Thought, forerunners of the New World Order.

Yet even in the face of so much suffering and adversity, there were always Chorusters who's light and compassion was not lost.  The message of divine unity, though often shattered and torn, was never annihilated and the Chorusters who survived the many tests of faith and roads of perdition they suffered through emerged wiser and stronger. 

The Celestial Chorus in ECCEdit

There are churches, synagogs, temples, and mosques sprinkled throughout Nonesica.  Not many of them seem to belong to denominations recognizable as the same monotheistic faiths as back home, but there is definitely a feeling the religions which support the Chorusters was strong and vibrant, and perhaps less antagonistic towards each other than back Home.  In addition, there are a large number of both religious and secular charities, homeless shelters, food banks, etc., which could easily be supported by Chorusters.

Creating A ChorusterEdit

  • Affinity Sphere: Prime, Forces, or Spirit
  • Suggested Focus: The Arts flow not from personal achievement or intent but from faith, unity, and harmony with the Divine Will. There is no single creed that carries the Truth and the Way; personal virtue and following the message of the Guardian Angel within provides the path.
  • Suggested Paradigms: Creation is Divine and Alive, Divine Order and Earthy Chaos, It's All Good- Have Faith.
  • Suggested Tools/Instruments: Artwork, Blessings and curses, Blood and fluids, Candles, Circles and designs, Dances and movement, Group Rites, Offerings and sacrifices, Ordeals and exertions, Prayers and invocations, Sacred iconography, Scripture, Symbols