Known as the Sons of Ether in most of the MtA game line, the Aetherites were once part of the Technocratic Union, called at the time the Electrodyne Engineers.  They departed enmasse in 1904 when the Technocratic Inner Circle declared that Ether (Aether) - an fundamental element to the Electrodyne paradigm- had been proven not to exist.  Thier defection to the Traditions only increased the emnity between the factions.

Radical technomantic dreamers, the Atherites are easily misunderstood by outsiders who see their neo-Victorian trappings and underestimate them as being eccentrics who put the "mad" into mad scientist.  For a long time, no one else took them very seriously, perhaps not paying attention to the way speculative fiction (especially science fiction) was growing so mainstream, and Sleepers had a great deal of affection and nostalgia for the very things the Society of Aether advocated. 

More than any other sect, the Aetherites are the champions of Utopia- they imagine a society in which everything is perfect, humanity as a whole is prosperous, altruistic, and happy.  Weird science and steampunk technology reflects not only their belief that natural principles can be best channeled through them, but because they are romantic, adventurous and grand.... the spirit and flavor of what the Aetherites are all about.  Technology holds all the answers, the Aetherites believe- and thier beliefs are passionate, enthusiastic, and full of faith in the human spirit.

Aetherites in ECCEdit

Signs of Aetherite activity are especially strong in Emerald City, Garden City, and Las Rosa.  Characters who reach the Metaphysical Library are very likely to encounter them there.  All the "trappings" of the Aetherites- the quirky clothing and inventions and books that seem so anachronistic and bizarre are very much part of pop culture.  Even more telling, the utopian ideals and belief that technology can and will bring about a new golden age is far more present in Nonestica than back Home.  In fact, characters might look at Nonestica as a whole feel more than a little paranoid that the whole place could easily have been dreamed up by the Aetherites....

Making an Aetherite characterEdit

  • Affinity Spheres: Matter; Forces or Prime
  • Suggested Paradigms: A Mechanistic Cosmos, Everything is Data, Might is Right, Everything's an Illusion and most especially Tech Holds All the Answers.
  • Suggested Focus: Aetherites prefer to employ Science that can be seen, held, shown up, and admired.  The tools they work with, the beliefs they espouse and debate, the gadgets and Wonders they create, the clothes they wear and the books they read create a very distinct impression of neo-Victorian edginess.  It is less about individualism than a fearless declaration of ingenuity and inventiveness. 
  • Suggested Instruments/Tools: Alchemical symbols, Body Armor, Books and periodicals, Brain/computer Interface, Codes, Computer Gear, Devices and Machines, Energy, Fashion, Formulae and Math, Gadgets and Inventions, Labs and Gear, Obscure Languages, Props from TV shows/movies, Sci-Fi, Tricks and Illusions.